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Spark life into dark and dismal workplaces with Digital Skylight Technology

Spark life into dark and dismal workplaces with Digital Skylight Technology


Smart lighting is enabling workplaces to adapt their working environment and improve the wellbeing of its occupants. 

Lighting is one of the most common causes of dissatisfaction within the workplace. Poor quality artificial lighting found in many workplaces can cause low productivity; eyestrain; sleep deprivation; and discomfort. The health impact is certainly clear, but how can we use the latest technology to create a healthier working environment? 

We all know that that sunlight is good for our health – our bodies run on an internal clock that is regulated by the light. With this is mind, it is no wonder that workplaces with no windows or limited natural lighting are damaging our health and wellbeing. Thankfully, technology such as Digital Skylights can provide a solution. 

Digital Skylights

Digital Skylights utilize the latest technology to create a window into the natural world. Amazingly, certain Digital Skylights can even replicate the natural hues and movement of the sun from dusk to dawn – synchronising with our natural circadian rhythms. 

Like a traditional window, Digital Skylight Technology enables you, the viewer, to enjoy long clear days.  By replicating this through technology, the solution can help to improve our personal wellbeing and performance. By breaking the traditional convention, Digital Skylight technology can be installed on ceilings without having to undertake major construction work, providing illuminated visual displays that are inspired by nature. 

Digital lighting solutions come in a variety of ‘window’ designs, from Digital Skylights to Digital Panels. Have you ever looked outside and wished you were somewhere else? A tropical island perhaps? There’s a reason why ‘a room with a view’ is more desirable. Certain technology allows for digital lighting panels to appear as if it is moving outside (think birds flying, clouds moving, or boats passing), or could even be a live stream from outside, and can be changed as and when your mood changes.  

Benefits of Digital Skylights for Employees

Digital Skylight Technology has been created on the realisation that light plays a fundamental role to our health. Through responding to the constraints of urban environments, dark, dull and lifeless workplaces can be transformed by light fields to provide peaceful landscapes such as the sky or horizon, regardless of the season.

Psychological benefits are also gained from the illusion of a more spacious, open and brighter office. Certain Digital Skylights can even regulate our circadian cycle; this corresponds to our normal physiology and health by ensuring that our body’s internal clock is maintained for 24 hours, allowing us to function at the best of our ability.  

Benefits of Digital Skylights for Businesses

A workplace culture that places wellbeing as a core ethos will achieve measurable reductions in absenteeism and staff retention, while improving staff attraction. Greater personal performance can be achieved thanks to the physical and psychological benefits that natural inspired lighting has to employees, allowing your workforce and productivity levels to thrive. And with staff performance and productivity enhanced, an effective workforce will impact the bottom line.

Remark Group provide bespoke solutions that enhance your wellbeing, rather than hinder your health. Digital Skylights are just one of the innovative workplace wellbeing solutions that Remark provide. To find out more, register your interest by requesting a call back or find out more.  

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