Teleconferencing Installation Are Increasing As Technology Improves

As much as we try to be in two places at once or attempt to fit everything into a working day, most of us seek a solution to keeping customers happy and informed, while maximising what time we have in the office.

In a business where time and money are precious, cutting down on mileage expenses and out-of-office meeting costs are something more companies are driving towards. Through our own business, we have found teleconferencing is becoming increasingly popular as technology improves and businesses embrace the global market. Having an overseas client, for example, means that many businesses aren’t in a position to be able to attend a face-to-face meeting – so the same principles can be applied to meetings closer to home, with beneficial results.

An international study (from the Carbon Disclosure Project) reveals that the UK and US could save a staggering £11.7 million over the next 10 years by staging “virtual meetings” instead of taking business trips. The report also suggests CO2 emissions during this time would be reduced by 5.5 million metric tons – the equivalent of taking a million vehicles off the road for a year.

We have seen a high volume of inquiries about audio-visual options from local businesses looking not only to save money, but also to improve productivity and communication, and generally enhance the working environment for staff – not to mention reducing travel costs and time. Video conferencing also gives companies a competitive advantage, enabling them to make real-time decisions. The communication remains face to face, albeit virtual, and allows personal connections to be maintained as well as improve customer contact.

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