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The Cold weather is coming – Be Prepared….

The Cold weather is coming – Be Prepared….


Water Pipe work & the application of Trace Heating – don’t let your pipes freeze and burst open this winter.

We are now coming into the colder months and with this in mind it’s time to ensure that your water pipes are protected against freezing! Did you know that a gallon of water increases its volume by 9% when frozen?  

What is Trace Heating?

Trace Heating is the application of a controlled amount of electric heating element to pipework, tanks, valves or process equipment to either maintain its temperature or increase its temperature.

The main function of Trace Heating cable element systems, is to prevent the freezing over within water pipes.

With weather warnings and temperatures dropping to a record low in the coming months, freezing pipes are a major concern for businesses. By maintaining the ambient temperature inside the pipe, frost cannot build up and pipes will not freeze over. 

Why do we need Trace Heating?

You may think that your thermal insulation prevents freezing within water pipes, but thermal insulation only reduces the rate of heat loss it does not eliminate it. Trace heating maintains the temperature above freezing by balancing heat lost with heat supplied.

We can install a Heat Tracing system to ensure your business carries on running through these cold winter months.

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