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The Future of Digital Displays

The Future of Digital Displays


The current global climate is prompting behavioural shifts across the world, requiring both consumers and businesses to adapt to new ways of life. One result of this has been a renewed appreciation for the importance of digital communications.

Digital signage can be utilised across multiple sectors and industries and is a great way of providing customers and employees with full access to the information they need to know, when they need it.

Managing Health and Safety Policies

One of the main priorities for workplaces and retail alike at the moment is the health and safety of their employees and customers. Digital signage is a great way of ensuring that their premises are safe to open and introducing people back into the workplace.

The technology of LED signage allows operators to change messages daily. Some of these boards are known as electronic message centres that give a limitless ability to display new information or health and safety updates that business owners want to communicate with their customers and employees.

COVID-19 has had a large impact on this with more and more digital displays being used to maintain social distancing rules and inform people of urgent safety messages when need be.

Occupancy Control

Digital signage can be integrated with your access control systems and IP cameras to ensure that certain areas and rooms don’t exceed the maximum capacity. Businesses can display occupancy of your physical spaces in real-time on digital signage.

Depending on how many people are inside the space, it allows business to control the occupancy levels and either let employee’s in the meeting space or ask them to find another meeting room. You can manually update the digital signage for a centrally controlled system or integrate the digital signage with sensors and IP cameras to monitor employees and clients.

Increasing Collaboration

Video conferencing has quickly become an important platform for communicating with clients, colleagues and stakeholders. Technologies like these that facilitate broader collaborates have been praised as the future of work. Digital display solutions provide an effective and secure combination of video conferencing and visual display technology.

With white board features and real time editing, digital displays can facilitate quick and convenient document access and wireless screen sharing for better collaboration. Paired with video conferencing solutions allows for people working across multiple locations to come together and collaborate without limitations.

What Next?

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