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The Health and Safety Benefits of Social Distancing Detection for the Workplace

The Health and Safety Benefits of Social Distancing Detection for the Workplace


New research has revealed that the number of employees who do not want to return to the office has nearly doubled since the start of the lockdown – rising to 34 per cent, from 19 per cent in April.

As well as the many benefits of remote working and a flexible lifestyle, one of the reasons for not wanting to return to work is the lack of social distancing procedures that have been put into place in their office. In another survey, it was found that 41% don’t plan on returning to the office until the workplace is made safe.

Following on from this research we thought we would conduct a little Twitter poll of our own (we’re not claiming that this is scientific in any shape or form), of the 620 respondents from the poll, 45.6% reported that when they return to office what they would most like to see is social distancing detection technology.We then went onto conduct another Twitter Poll (again, not scientific in any way), we asked where do employees think social distancing detection is going to be most important on the return to the office, 32.6% voted for the open plan office, 25.6% for the canteen / kitchen area, 24.2% voted for breakout areas and then 17.6% for meeting rooms.

Employer’s need to ensure that the right technology and guidelines are put in place before their staff start to return.

How does Social Distancing Detection Work?

Social distancing detection is a software that can be integrated with your IP cameras to enable you to monitor social distancing in the workplace.

The solution uses AI and machine learning to turn output from your 2D cameras into insights about social distancing in 3D. It can track hotspots in the workplace, allowing for facility managers to utilise space better and determine what areas need to have certain protocols in place.

What are the benefits of Social Distancing Detection?

Reassuring Employees

With 41% of employee’s not wanting to return to the office until the workplace is made safe, having social distancing detection in the workplace is a great way of reassuring staff that the workplace has been made safe for their benefit. The solution is also safer than the thermal cameras – those without a fever can also be contagious.

Utilising Space

With the detection software you will have the ability to see which areas gain the most traction and are the offices ‘hotspots. From this data you will then be able to put the most relevant safety measures in place.

Monitoring & Measuring

The technology isn’t just for the office, for example, at a factory where employees are very close to each other, the software can be integrated into their security camera systems. Allowing them to monitor the working environment and highlight people whose distancing is below the minimum acceptable distance.

Queue Monitoring

For retail, healthcare and industries where queueing is avoidable, queue monitoring can be integrated into your cameras. The cameras will then have the ability to monitor and detect whether people are abiding by the social distancing guidelines. The solution can also be set up to work with automated barriers and digital signage for real-time notifications and health and safety information.

What Next?

Whether you want to integrate your existing IP cameras with social distancing detection or start from scratch with a completely new system, we can work with you to create the best solution for the job. Get in touch with our experts today.

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