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Sound Masking and the Modern Workplace

Sound Masking and the Modern Workplace


Collaboration is such an important aspect to any successful workplace. The open plan office is a very debated about layout in today’s modern office, but here at Remark, we are firm advocates for the open plan office, when designed with acoustics in mind.

Like many companies today, Remark have an open office structure. Open plan holds much more flexibility than your traditional office layout and encourages collaboration between co-workers. But, one of the main concerns of the open plan office is noise.

The workplace is becoming more and more open and flexible. Social attitudes are changing to create a lifestyle workplace, gone are the days of a 9 to 5, designated seating system. With hot desking and flexible working on the rise, the modern office needs to be more equipped with technology than ever before. A sound masking system is a great technology to add into your new and improved workplace.

What is sound masking?

A sound masking system is a technology, that when installed correctly, makes unwanted conversations and other background noises less audible. In turn, this decreases distractions and enhances workplace productivity and wellbeing.

A sound masking system is a series of emitters, installed strategically around the treated area. Installed this way the system provides a space with complete coverage. By injecting the frequency’s found in the human voice, the system creates a blanket of sound over the designated area. This creates an ambient level of noise for human speech to adhere to.

Sound masking for the modern workplace

Open plan offices are great for creativity but can lack productivity due to distractions. Our sound masking system can enhance your workspace, so productivity is increased but creativity remains. Sound masking for open plan offices is an effective method to reduce the overall background noise level.

Sound masking works equally as well, if not better for meeting rooms. Sound masking for meeting rooms offers companies 100% confidentiality for important meetings. Sound masking is installed in and around the treated meeting room to provide the treated area with complete coverage.

How can Remark help?

Remark Group have been designing and installing sound masking systems for HR companies, Legal firms, call centres and offices with a more relaxed atmosphere. Our approach means that you never receive the same service twice, our solutions are bespoke to every workplace to ensure that you receive the right solution for your business.

Take a look at some of our sound masking case studies here, book a demo or get in touch today to discuss your needs in further detail.

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