The Modern Workplace: Instalment One


In light of our recent changes to our Business Intelligence page we look at the modern workplace in four weekly instalments. The four instalments will cover four key elements: Enhancement, Collaboration, Communication and Integration.

In this first instalment, we look at enhancement and what that means for your workplace.

To thrive in the workplace, you need to be prepared to change. The workspace is becoming more and more open and flexible. Social attitudes are changing to create a lifestyle workplace, gone are the days of a 9 to 5, desktop bound office environment.

Before we continue let’s just ask ourselves what is enhancement? Enhancement is to increase or improve something in quality, value or extent. So how do we do this to our workplace?

Improve Quality

Quality of the workplace means quality of employees. Employees want to control where they work as well as when they work. Thinking pods, bar stools, outdoor areas; the office space now needs to be more varied to attract the right kind of employees.

Improve Value

Value your employees, this will increase their work ethic and productivity which will then in turn increase the value of your company. Flexible hours mean the employee can work when they feel dynamic, meaning productivity is increased.

Improve Extent

The larger your workforce grows, the larger your workspace needs to be. Open plan offices are great for creativity but can lack productivity due to distractions. Our solutions can enhance your workspace, so productivity is increased but creativity remains.

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