The Modern Workplace: Instalment Three


Our third and penultimate instalment will be looking at collaborative spaces and what collaboration means for your workspace.

Like many companies today, Remark have an open office structure. Open plan holds much more flexibility than your traditional office layout and encourages collaboration between co-workers.

But don’t simply create an open space for collaboration’s sake. There are different forms of collaboration that serve different business needs, and each will shape how you approach your space. Collaborative technologies may include; Wireless Presentation, Room and Office Management Systems and Audio / Video Systems.

Collaboration in the open plan office

Companies need their employees to perform smarter, faster and more productively. Obtaining that goal requires the use of collaborative technologies and encouraging collaborative behaviours, subsequently transforming the way organisations turn knowledge into action. Collaborative technologies should do more than help employees talk about their work; they should create new ways for employees to do their work.

Merging social collaboration with an ever changing, digital workplace can create a more productive environment. As we become more connected with technology, the definition of digital collaboration in the workplace will continue to evolve and shape the way we work.

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