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Collaboration and The Modern Workplace

Collaboration and The Modern Workplace


Collaboration is such an important aspect to any successful workplace. With teams being separated around the globe with no or limited access to the office, collaboration is becoming hard to maintain. Remote working is something a lot of companies are choosing to adopt, often great for wellbeing, remote working has many benefits. However, ensuring that teams are still collaborating with each other is vital to maintaining a productive workplace.

Video Conferencing Systems

Companies need their employees to perform smarter, faster and more productively. Obtaining that goal requires the use of collaborative technologies and encouraging collaborative behaviours, subsequently transforming the way organisations turn knowledge into action. Collaborative technologies should do more than help employees talk about their work; they should create new ways for employees to do their work.

Merging social collaboration with an ever changing, digital workplace can create a more productive environment. As we become more connected with technology, the definition of digital collaboration in the workplace will continue to evolve and shape the way we work.

Video conferencing has been a critical component of business collaboration for many years. But today, with more integration possibilities, video conferencing has evolved into a more collaborative experience. With more powerful technology, communication can be about more than just being face-to-face. It can include content sharing, white-boarding, and annotation – and other tools that make it possible to have an actual working meeting. Video collaboration systems bring people together in new ways, expanding on the capabilities of traditional video conferencing.

Wireless Presentation Systems

Remember the days when you had to get to a meeting super early if you were presenting? Inevitably, there was always some sort of issue with the set-up that tested the limits of your antiperspirant, as you raced to connect your laptop to the cluster of conference room cables. Thankfully, wireless screen sharing has made sharing your computer screen quick, easy and dongle-free.

If your meetings are primarily with people in your office and you’re more concerned with being able to share screens, then wireless screen sharing is your answer. Before you choose a provider, keep in mind that some solutions require everyone to be on the same WiFi network, which can be difficult in environments where guests are only allowed on guest networks.

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