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The Modern Workplace and Audio Visual Technologies

The Modern Workplace and Audio Visual Technologies


In the current situation a huge amount of companies are having to adapt to ways of working they are not used to. Companies need to embrace the digital revolution and understand how audio-visual technologies can help their modern workplace evolve.

The ability to be able to use digital signage and interactive solutions creates a more engaging method of communication and a more enhanced experience for the employees and employers. Video conferencing has now become an essential to every business to be able to stay in the market and productive.

Steer clear of using tech just for the sake of seeming ‘up-to-date.’ Every business is different, so every business has different solutions.  Find out what works for you, there are so many communication technologies out there, in this post we are going to touch upon just a few.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a great way of communicating with your employees, it opens up the road to two-way communication and interactivity. Most people associate digital communications with customer-facing communications, but employee-facing digital communications can be remarkably effective too. Not only can you notify people of emergencies quickly, you can communicate personalised real-time information in a manner that’s efficient and often entertaining as well.

Interactive Solutions

An effective way to stir creativity in meetings and collaboration areas, great ideas will never be lost again. Not only does it increase collaboration creativity in the workplace, but it can also improve productivity and performance.

Interactive Solutions are one of the best tools to consolidate different types of media – images, video, PDFs – you name it. They serve as an active workspace for multiple screens and devices save space and encourage employees to work together.

Audio and Video Conferencing 

Audio and Video Conferencing has come on leaps and bounds since it was first introduced in 1964.  Audio and Video conferencing provide the opportunity for co-workers across the world to communicate in real-time with live expressions, clear voice intonations and more accuracy. As a result, projects are finished more efficiently and effectively and productivity is enhanced.

Video conferencing has become particularly popular with flexible working and remote working on the rise. The ability to have group chats and team meetings as if you are in the same meeting room keeps teams collaborating and productive. With platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, we now have the ability to annotate documents in real time, share screens and have group chats as well as calls. The possibilities are endless with conferencing solutions and are integral to every business performing well in the modern world.

What’s Next?

Remark Group have worked with businesses across the UK to provide them with the perfect audio-visual solution for their project. Whether you are in need of a completely new video conferencing suite or effective digital signage for your reception area, Remark Group can work with you and provide a bespoke solution.

For more information on audio visual technologies and how they can benefit your business, contact us today.

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