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Top Three Digital Signage Trends Your Business Should Tap Into

Top Three Digital Signage Trends Your Business Should Tap Into

Interactivity and integration are two key digital signage trends that businesses should be aware of. Both are about improving the customer experience, something that is an important consideration, particularly in the retail sector where there’s a choice over purchasing online or visiting in store. Convenience is what customers are looking for. If they have to stand in a long queue or don’t have the right information about a product, they will be more likely to walk out of your shop without making a purchase.

The trends are about analysing the current use cases of digital signage technology and identifying new opportunities across all business sectors.

Frictionless purchases and check-ins

Touchscreen digital menu boards at fast food restaurants and drive-thrus help to speed up the ordering process for customers. They also remove ambiguity and errors. Customers can browse at their leisure, select the items they want and use contactless payment for a seamless transaction.

It’s also a great way to upsell products. Items that are frequently bought together can be displayed on the screen before checkout. Customers still have control, but it gets them thinking about other items on the menu.

With this technology already in use, you may wonder why this is a trend. Retailers and hospitality sector businesses are beginning to think about how the benefits that fast food restaurants have acquired could be brought into their establishments.

Self-order or check-in terminals ultimately means a smoother experience for visitors and customers. It can ease waiting times for consumers and save time and hassle for your front-of-house staff. As well as improving their experience, it could also reduce customer complaints.

Integration for data presentation

Integrating content with APIs is on the rise and allows live data, information and interfaces to be displayed on screens. This can help consumers make more informed decisions and also allows them to access information they need at a glance. This technology works well for touchscreen check-in terminals and live updates, such as weather forecasts.

Create an immersive and engaging experience

Looking beyond the basics, brick-and-mortar shops and entertainment venues should consider how the latest digital signage options, including large video wall projections and displays, can help create content that’s more creative, immersive and engaging.

Creating a memorable experience for visitors and customers could help increase positive reviews and footfall. It could also set you apart from the competition, and offers more flexibility than physical or print displays.

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