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Using Digital Signage For Internal Communications

Using Digital Signage For Internal Communications

Good communication is integral for a happy, healthy and productive work environment. Digital signage instantly displays content, and is a forward-thinking replacement of some of the more traditional platforms for internal communication, like posters or whiteboards.

We’re revealing exactly how you can use digital signage for internal communications in your work environment, to not only make information more visible, but also more engaging.

Display instant updates (without clogging email inboxes!)

Office-based employees get streams of emails every hour. It’s simply not always time-efficient to open and process every single one, especially if there’s a tight deadline for a project, which may mean disconnecting from emails for a few hours or longer to concentrate.

This is where digital signage can come in handy. Digital displays can catch your employees’ attention as they enter or leave a room, and take note of any important information being provided.

It’s not as distracting or intrusive when compared to communications like a pop-up email or instant message over Zoom or Microsoft Teams. And yet, digital signs are eye-catching enough to catch people’s attention.

So, instead of running the risk of an email being lost in a full inbox, here are a few digital signage options that you can use instead…

Meeting room booking system

Easily let your employees know when a meeting room is at full capacity, and when it’s next available with digital signage that is linked to your meeting room booking system.

Live business performance data

Help your employees feel more connected to the business, by displaying live business performance data. Track revenue streams in real time.

Social media feeds

Make the latest company news and updates more visible by showcasing social media feeds.

Workplace updates

Have a health and safety update that you want to make your employees aware of? Changing your opening hours? Digital signage can let them know. Content can be amended in real-time via the cloud, so messages are kept up-to-date.

Celebrate workplace culture

Internal communications don’t all have to be serious. You can also use digital signs to promote workplace culture and boost positivity by celebrating employee promotions, achievements and team events and parties.

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