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Why businesses should invest in high quality video conferencing

Why businesses should invest in high quality video conferencing

Why Businesses Should Invest In High Quality Video Conferencing

In the modern, post-Covid era, it’s not enough for businesses to simply have video conferencing. Crystal-clear sound and visuals are vital, as are a reliable internet connection and power source. It’s important to review your current systems to see if they’re delivering the optimum performance. The statistics overwhelmingly show that a high quality video conferencing solution helps users to feel more engaged, enhances the communication experience and improves productivity.

In fact, productivity was outlined as the main benefit of video conferencing for 94% of companies.

What do the statistics say?

Why is investing in good quality video conferencing so important? As experts in supplying technology solutions for businesses, we’re interested in getting to know how this tech can help companies with their objectives whilst also improving the experience for their employees. Below, we’ve outlined some of the key statistics that demonstrate the importance of clear audio-visual systems.

  • Video calls are the preferred way to collaborate for 80% of employees.
  • At least 70% of communication is non-verbal.
  • 40 - 46% of video conferencing users report that poor audio-visual quality detracts from the communication experience.

How do you know if your video conferencing is effective?

One way to review the effectiveness of your current video conferencing is to send out quick surveys to identify areas where it’s working well and where it could be improved. However, it’s not just about finding issues. Upgrading the technology that you have has a host of benefits. Auto-framing cameras allow remote users to have a clearer view of the speaker, and ceiling microphones provide 360 degree sound pick-up to ensure clear communication, wherever the speaker is located in the room. These are just some of the possibilities that are available for a professional communication experience - ideal for speaking with employees, clients and stakeholders.

Interested in reviewing your video conferencing options?

Remark Group supplies market leading solutions and a turnkey installation service including complete video conferencing rooms. Our equipment is designed to work across platforms, so you won’t have to worry about choosing a specific software. Ideal for hybrid working environments, or any work environment that regularly hosts video calls, our solutions are of the highest quality. Contact us to find out more or to book your demonstration.

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