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Will Video Conferencing Replace Travel For Business Meetings?

Will Video Conferencing Replace Travel For Business Meetings?

With more and more businesses turning to video conferencing for business meetings, the end of travelling for meetings could seem on the horizon. In fact, Zoom reported a 535% increase in daily traffic through their video conferencing platform in 2020. `With rising fuel costs and changes in how businesses operate, could the expansion of video meetings spell the end of business travel? Let’s take a look.

Is Video Conferencing appropriate for business meetings?

Video conferencing is more than appropriate for business meetings. In fact, if it’s thoughtfully installed and utilised you can boost productivity, collaboration and speed up decision-making processes - factors which are all good for business.

Importantly, conducting meetings over Zoom or Microsoft Teams doesn’t have to end collaboration and professional communication. Video conferencing technology is constantly evolving. Adapting your office rooms into purpose-built video conferencing rooms, installing high-quality audio and visual technology.

If you’re concerned about noise disturbances, you can install sound masking within the meeting room, which is designed to reduce the intelligibility of distracting noises whilst increasing speech privacy.

Obviously, a key concern for some will be whether video conferencing is secure. Even with the best sound-proofing technology in place, if your meeting platform isn’t secure, confidential and sensitive information could get into the wrong hands.

In fact the National Cyber Security Centre has helpful guidance on how to keep your video meetings secure. Following these tips will ensure your conference and the information shared is kept strictly between invited participants.

Can Video Conferencing replace travel?

Video conferencing can replace local, national and international travel for business meetings. However, there will still be some instances where travel is more appropriate. But for run of the mill conversations between clients, colleagues and stakeholders, video conferencing can be perfect.

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