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Wellbeing Should Be As Important As Health & Safety At Work

With the British Safety Council chairman declaring that the wellbeing of employees should be as important as their health and safety, we’re looking at how you can better encompass wellbeing into your workplace.

A study revealed that 32% of people say their employer is not committed to their wellbeing. While 42% say their employer is committed to wellbeing, they think they could do more, and just 26% believe their employer is very committed to wellbeing.

The organisation is pushing for a more joined-up approach between wellbeing and health and safety policies in the workplace.

How can you as an employer take wellbeing more seriously?

The British Safety Council suggests the following measures:

  • Appointing an executive director responsible for wellbeing.
  • Actively engaging employees in determining workplace wellbeing interventions.
  • Focus on training people to prevent and avoid poor wellbeing.

However, for a truly holistic approach to health and safety and wellbeing, it’s recommended that you look at the environment of your workplace.

For instance, there are plenty of studies that suggest poor acoustics could impact wellbeing. From a lack of speech privacy in meetings to being distracted by office noises, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a better acoustic environment.

Sound Masking can help tackle a number of wellbeing related issues in one solution. By raising the level of ambient background sound, distractions are less audible, and conversations behind closed doors remain private. This creates a more comfortable environment for everyone.

Another issue that has come to the forefront of wellbeing since the pandemic is isolation for employees who work remotely. However, with professional video conferencing, you can support all your employees and include everyone in the conversation.

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