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What are Office Soundscapes and are they the same as Sound Masking?

What are Office Soundscapes and are they the same as Sound Masking?


Research has shown that employees are more productive after interaction with nature, and their wellbeing is increased.  On average, we spend over 90% of our time spent inside, so it's important that our offices are facilitating collaboration, wellbeing and productivity.

Office soundscapes are a great way of bringing nature into the working environment, helping to create a productive, collaborative and natural workplace.

What are Office Soundscapes?

A soundscape is a sound or combination of sounds that creates an immersive environment. Office soundscapes does exactly that; they bring nature into the office and the workplace to create an immersive environment, enhancing feelings of wellbeing and productivity. Adding noise into the workplace to create a more productive environment may sound counter - intuitive but when it's done correctly and with the right kind of soundscapes, then the benefits can be tenfold.

Accessing nature can often be hard for those living in built-up areas, soundscapes are the perfect way of bringing nature indoors. The humming of wind, the sound of birdsong and the gentle sound of water, all come together to help with productivity and office comfort. Office soundscapes bring the calming influence of nature inside to enhance your employees wellbeing, which in turn makes a more productive and collaborative environment.

How do Soundscapes Improve the Workplace?

In our 'Noise and Wellbeing at Work' survey, 2019 it was found that unwanted noise had a huge impact on a persons wellbeing and stress levels. Introducing soundscapes into the workplace helps to diffuse any unwanted background noise that could cause levels of anxiety or stress. In turn. employees start to collaborate more efficiently and are more productive. More productive employees means a better and more successful workplace.

As the levels of soundscapes can be altered per room or zone, they are a great asset to open plan offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas.

Are they the same as Sound Masking?

Soundscapes differ slightly to sound masking.

Sound masking in its raw form is sound that is found only in the human voice, helping to mask any background conversations that can be distracting. Soundscapes, are any sound that is found in nature injected into an environment to provide an immersive sound.

Our office soundscapes are intertwined with our sound masking solutions, so you still receive the same level of speech privacy across the office just with an added element into the office - nature.

Soundscapes can also be used on their own without sound masking and are perfect for the use of breakout areas, canteen areas and collaborative spaces.

Get in touch today to discuss the needs of your soundscapes.

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