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What Does It Mean To Have A Progressive Work Space?

What Does It Mean To Have A Progressive Work Space?

A progressive workplace can be characterised as an organisation that utilises modern technology to help their employees or invested parties to collaborate and move faster. It’s all about boosting efficiency and productivity to keep business growing and accelerating progress. It’s also about celebrating and unlocking the potential of your employees, removing any communication or environmental barriers that could impact their ability to work at their best.

This quick guide is taking a look at what it means to have a progressive work space and how you can create one.

But what does a progressive work space look like?

The foundation of a progressive work space starts with installing the right technology. There are plenty of technologies that you can utilise, including instant messaging and web and video conferencing.

Video conferencing

With the right video conferencing and audio-visual equipment, you can provide a high-quality audio and visual display for your conference rooms. Applying software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can easily connect with people wherever they are while offering a premium quality meeting experience for everyone involved. Auto-framing can bring the speaker into focus automatically, making people tuning in remotely feel closer to the discussion, while making it much easier for the meeting host to hold the meeting.

Sound Masking can ensure confidential or sensitive information is kept private and minimise any external noises disrupting the conversation.

Web conferencing

With web conferencing, you can easily share digital documents, presentations and screens. Whether your fellow team members are in or out of the office, you can work smarter and still keep collaboration flowing. This is an ideal collaboration solution for hybrid working.

Smarter buildings

With the introduction of IoT - or the Internet of Things - you can even create smarter buildings. Automating processes such as heating, air conditioning, and lights with sensors means you won’t have to manually adjust environmental controls. This lets the speaker focus on the most important part of the meeting, which is delivering their presentation.

What are the benefits?

There are plenty of benefits. Regularly reviewing how your business could function more efficiently is a great way to drive productivity and boost job satisfaction and wellbeing among your employees. You’ll also be able to create a professional environment that empowers your workforce to be the best they can.

Being receptive to change and knowing when to adapt is key. But with so many technologies available, it’s never been easier to adopt a progressive work space.

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If your business or organisation is constantly looking to improve and adopt a progressive work environment, contact the experts at Remark Group or book a demonstration. We’ll let you experience first-hand the technology solutions we have to offer, from video conferencing to Sound Masking, or we can discuss your unique requirements.

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