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Why a Cabinet Rationalisation Service is essential to the smooth running of your business

Why a Cabinet Rationalisation Service is essential to the smooth running of your business


Cable management is one of those activities that routinely gets ignored, postponed or done half-heartedly, until there is simply no way to ignore the consequences anymore.

Having a cabinet tidy up service isn’t just about your data cabling looking neat and tidy, there are important benefits that can ensure your business prevents any system failures.

An untidy data cabinet can cost in extra time and money when changes are required. It can cause issues during fault finding callouts, adding to the time it takes to trace cables and possibly resulting in other users being mistakenly disconnected. It can become unreliable, crowded and difficult to manage. Not ideal for a business workplace and it may result in increased downtime and lost productivity.


Troubleshooting in a messy network cabinet is challenging for everyone, including the IT engineers. It is important for cables to be organised, and colour coding is a great way to know which cables are designated for certain purposes, and always ensure they are labelled.

Air Flow

A very important aspect that is often overlooked. Servers and network equipment run 24/7 and need an efficient cooling environment.

Keeping temperatures low and consistent is beneficial to equipment and performance. Increased temperatures not only damage electronic equipment but it can also damage the cable jacket and its inner workings. Messy network cabinet reduces the airflow degrading performance and ultimately damaging both cables and equipment.

Fire Safety

Tangled and unorganised cables are more likely to lead to increased heat and even cause a fire. Someone could trip over the bundle of cables, leading to a workplace injury or can even damage the devices which are connected to the unorganised cables. Once a cabinet is organised, there is even more room for extra hardware and cabling.


Network cabinets over time can become untidy and disorganised. This can make fault finding and emergency works take longer than usual. As your business grows and expands, IT Cabinets, Data Centres, Telephone closets and Distribution frames can become disorganised and unmanageable.

Cabinet Rationalisation is a service offered by Remark Group that strips and then re-builds the cabinet to a showroom condition. All patch cords would be replaced with the correct size and any colour scheme could be introduced to client specifications.

Some before and after examples are below, if you want Remark Group to take a look at your data cabinet, get in touch today.

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