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Why Human Centric Lighting can benefit your Physiology, Psychology and Profitability

Why Human Centric Lighting can benefit your Physiology, Psychology and Profitability


It’s no hidden secret that certain lighting can strain our eyes; influence our sleep patterns and regulate how alert we feel. With good reason, employees are becoming increasingly more discerning about the environments in which they wish to work. 

Dark shadows and flickering fittings can cause eye strain, discomfort and ultimately cause distractions for employees. This can result in a loss of productivity, efficiencies and even reduce concentration. We spend a staggering 90% of our time indoors, and with the wrong lighting in place, it is no surprise that our health can be impacted. 

There is a significantly strong correlation between Smart Buildings and the improved wellbeing, productivity and efficiencies of those who occupy them. Human Centric Lighting is just one of the multitudes of Smart Building solutions that can improve your wellbeing: the correct lighting solution can make your business more efficient; more environmentally friendly; and more profitable. 

What is Human Centric Lighting? 

In short, Human Centric Lighting is like indoor daylight. LED lighting has evolved and is now closer to natural daylight than ever; this innovative LED technology then combines with a control system to artificially create a full spectrum lighting effect, which can change colour and intensity throughout the day – creating illumination patterns just like natural daylight. 

How can Human Centric Lighting improve our wellbeing? 

We all need daylight to sync with our natural biological clocks. This, in turn, allows us to remain healthy. Artificial Circadian Lighting (also known as Human Centric Lighting) enables our natural biological clocks to be synchronised to perform normally, benefiting both our physiology and psychology. 

How can Human Centric Lighting improve businesses? 

Profitability; performance; productivity. These 3 key influences drive success within businesses and can all be positively influenced by Human Centric Lighting.

Performance and productivity 

Not only are there energy saving benefits, but the physical and mental health benefits achieved from Human Centric Lighting is compelling. Greater personal performance can be achieved thanks to the energized environment: due to synchronising with our natural biorhythms (such as our sleeping patterns), the lighting can improve our functionality, personal performance, and mood. This in turn can lead to reduced stress levels, allowing your workforce and productivity levels to thrive.


Providing a working environment that has workplace wellbeing as a core ethos will achieve measurable reductions in absenteeism and staff retention, while improving staff attraction. With staff performance and productivity enhanced, an effective workforce will impact the bottom line. 

With lighting accounting for up to 50% of a commercial building’s electricity use, the efficient control of lighting across all areas is also a vital tool in reducing energy waste. 


Remark can design, supply and install commercial lighting systems tailored to your premises. We also have years of experience of exterior and interior commercial LED lighting and commercial outdoor security lighting. If you are interested in learning how a Human Centric Lighting system can benefit your business, find out more

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