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Why Your Solar Park Should Have Performance Monitoring

Without performance monitoring, you won’t be able to determine your ROI. But where do you start with calculating the performance of your solar panels?

Insights from performance monitoring can help you make more money while saving on costs. It measures actual performance against expected performance, so you can know whether your panels are working as well as they should be.

With IoT technology, you can even get real-time performance data. IoT enables communication with the inverter, a key component that converts direct current electricity into alternating current.

This helps you make better decisions based on data related to the efficiency of your solar panel cells. This includes weather data, temperature, irradiance, current and voltage.

By leveraging this information, you can improve your productivity.

Performance monitoring can be done alongside annual maintenance tests and inspections. Having more advanced tests can help identify potential problems before they happen. This can reduce unexpected downtime. It’s also a crucial way to ensure you’re maintaining a consistent energy output and optimising it.

Benefits of specialist performance monitoring

By choosing a specialist installer and O&M provider, you can have all this taken care of. You’ll receive a complete performance report, along with recommendations and projected savings or revenue predictions for each.

The software we use to maintain commercial solar plants is the most advanced on the market. The analytic software allows us to feed in the site’s monitoring data from the same time period as the thermal survey. This gives us an unparalleled view of your solar farm's performance. A digital twin of your asset can be created, and we can monitor this remotely and keep you informed.

With continued surveys, we can show the exact degradation of the array over the asset’s lifetime. If the degradation is greater than stated by the module manufacturer, we can make a warranty claim on your behalf.

On top of this, faulty module serial numbers can be pulled from the platform remotely. Using all of this information, we can provide an exact loss of earnings figure for each individual or accumulated fault, allowing you to make an informed decision on the cost benefits of each repair.

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