Commercial & Office Lighting 101

Understanding how Lighting can Benefit your Business Productivity and Wellbeing

Benefits of LED Lighting for the Workplace

With power costs rising all over the world, power saving LED lights are a boon for corporate offices and commercial spaces. In comparison to the traditional Fluorescent lights, LED saves energy, resulting in substantial savings in the long run. In offices or workplaces where lighting is required around the clock, LED lights have even bigger benefits.

LED lighting also helps to increase wellbeing and productivity in the workplace, particularly when designed with the circadian rhythm in mind.

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Remark Group's qualified project managers and 18th edition Engineers have designed and installed lighting solutions for a variety of companies. Whether you're in a small open plan office, or are in need of a full lighting control system for a large warehouse - we are the experts for the job.

We work with you from the initial design concept, all the way through to the installation and commissioning.

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Benefits of LED Lighting

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Over the past few years, we've helped many businesses across the UK implement business lighting solutions to benefit their business and office space. Take a look below at our recent projects.

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