Cabinet Rationalisation


Cabinet Rationalisation is key to maximise efficiency of your network infrastructure

Businesses rely on their communications equipment to run their operation and often waste lots of time dealing with faulty wires and cabling.

Our team will re-organise untidy cabinets, strip out old systems and re-patch current systems so that your core communication services are able to underpin your business.

Every business is unique, meaning every business has different requirements. Remark take pride in every Cabinet Rationalisation project, so you can be assured that your project will be bespoke to your requirements.

Potential issues of a disorganised network cabinet

  • Long delays in fault finding
  • Danger of fibre and copper patch cords being damaged
  • Lack of space within Network Cabinet for future expansion
  • Difficult to manage
  • Wrongly sized cabinets can cause heating and airflow issues
  • Downtime due to faults means no internet access which impacts work output

Benefits of Cabinet Rationalisation

  • Future proofing for network upgrades
  • Once a cabinet is organised there is more room for extra hardware and cabling
  • better visibility of available network capacity
  • Grater productivity for the business
  • Carry out moves and changes with greater efficiency
  • Quick and easy fault finding due to correct length patch cords and colour coded scheme
  • Greater airflow around cabinet and hardware, reduces the risk of network failures


As businesses grow and expand the network infrastructure has to be flexible. Our network cabinet rationalisation service, or tidy-up, can bring order from chaos, and return data cabinets back to their former glory.

Cabinet Rationalisation

Remark tailors network maintenance and service agreements to the unique needs of each customer, offering a range of scheduled services and response-led support through our mobile engineering teams, Helpdesk and remote diagnostics.