Cabinet Rationalisation

Cabinet Rationalisation is key to maximise efficiency of your network infrastructure

Installation & Rationalisation

Businesses rely on their communications equipment to run their operation and often waste lots of time dealing with faulty wires and cabling.

Network cabinets over time can become untidy and disorganised, this can make fault finding and emergency works take longer than usual. As your business grows and expands I.T cabinets, Telephone closets, Distribution Frames, and Data centres can become disorganised and unmanageable.

Our team will re-organise untidy cabinets, strip out old systems and re-patch current systems so that your core communication services are able to underpin your business.

Every business is unique, meaning every business has different requirements. Remark take pride in every Cabinet Rationalisation project, so you can be assured that your project will be bespoke to your requirements.

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Cabinet Tidy Up

Cabinet Rationalisation is a service offered by Remark Group that strips and then re-builds the cabinet to a showroom condition. All patch cords would be replaced with the correct sizing’s and any colour scheme could be introduced according to client specifications.

The introduction of correct cable management systems and routing would make for easy identification and tracing of faults. This would include side management within the cabinet to allow access from top to bottom.


Before & After
Why Choose Remark Group?

Remark tailors network maintenance and service agreements to the unique needs of each customer, offering a range of scheduled services and response-led support through our mobile engineering teams, Helpdesk and remote diagnostics.

Issues of a Disorganised Cabinet

  • Untidy cabling is a eyesore
  • Long delays in fault finding
  • Danger of fibre and copper patch cords been damaged
  • Lack of space within Network cabinet for future expansion
  • Health and safety issue if network cabinet door or sides are unable to close
  • Difficult to manage
  • Any downtown time to broken network cabling can greatly impact your business
  • Long delays in cable tracing
  • Wrongly sized cabinets can cause heating and airflow issues
  • Downtime due to faults means no internet access which impacts work output
Advantages of an organised Cabinet
  • A refreshed cabinet has increased aesthetics
  • Once a cabinet is organised there is more room for extra hardware and cabling
  • Future proofing for network upgrades
  • Quick and easy fault finding due to correct length patch cords and colour coded scheme
  • Records of Patch panel ports to Network switch ports
  • Greater airflow around cabinet and hardware, reduces the risk of network failures
  • Carry out moves and changes with greater efficiency
  • Greater productivity for the business
  • Correctly labelled patch panels and hardware creates quick identification of faults
  • Options to have high density patch panels to gain cabinet space by the process of reterminating cables onto higher port panels
  • Better visibility of available network capacity
  • Installation of locking IEC power cables
Other Options & Services
  • Dual power supplies for failover
  • Installation of UPS for power surges and spikes
  • Installation of Transfer switch for seamless power switching due to electrical fails
  • Installation of diverse fibre optic backbone uplinks for resilience
  • Installation of Netbotz security and performance monitoring
  • Installation of Fan assisted internal cabinet cooling
  • Cabinet fire suppression systems
  • Options of a Low profile network cabinet where depth is an issue
  • Options of a Acoustic (noise cancelling) cabinet where sound levels are an issue
  • Data centre lighting
  • Cable containment
  • PAT testing services
  • Thermal imaging to identify overheating equipment and hardware
  • Installation of CCTV cameras for network security
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