Point-to-Point and Wireless Connection

For a Connected & Productive Workplace
The importance of Connectivity

Here at Remark Group  we are committed to providing our customers with reliable connectivity. Trends like IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart Buildings mean that there has never been more pressure to provide a reliable and robust wireless solution.

We can provide expert advice based on our extensive experience of network infrastructure and services.

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Point-to-Point Solutions

Providing businesses with fibre-like speeds, point to point wireless links are an excellent alternative for high-speed data, voice and video transfer between your business locations.

When budgets do not allow for the installation of traditional cabling networks, there is an alternative, lower-cost solution. Point-to-point wireless connectivity is a reliable alternative to fibre-leased lines. It bridges the gap between two locations, through the use of Freespace optics and radio links.

Businesses will spend thousands a year on renting fibre leased lines – a cost which could be mitigated with point-to-point. Beyond the initial installation fees, the only on-going costs would be for support and maintenance. This could potentially represent a significant saving for your business and may be worth further exploration.

Wireless Connectivity

You need your wireless network to be rapid, instantly accessible and secure from external threats, that is why it is critical to have it expertly designed, installed and configured.

The deployment of wireless connectivity systems is fast and effective with a lead time of a matter of weeks, as opposed to months with traditional cabling. Systems are also scalable and can expand alongside your business by simply integrating with the existing network. Most importantly, your connectivity solution needs to be secure with safeguards in place to protect confidential business information.

The first step towards a better wireless network is having one of our engineers conduct a wireless survey. From there we can provide a solution that will meet all of your requirements

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