How Do I Choose a Security Camera For My Business?

Resource Centre Access Control How Do I Choose a Security Camera For My Business?
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There are plenty of considerations when it comes to choosing the right security camera for your business. We’re going to outline these in our article.

You’ll want to think about the purpose behind your CCTV. Popular reasons include protecting your premises and people against theft, burglary, trespassing, flooding or fire.

Cameras can also be used in manufacturing to visually inspect and verify processes. This might include monitoring production efficiency and providing maintenance staff with remote assistance. It’s an ideal tool to enhance research and development.

Access control can also be paired with commercial CCTV systems for an extra layer of security.

Remark Group can walk you through the best options that would suit your business requirements. You may already have specific CCTV cameras in mind. If you’re not sure, we can give advice based on our professional experience and with your business in mind.

These are the factors that will help us choose the optimal solution:

Internet Protocol or analogue?

Analogue is a traditional choice. It’s gradually being phased out by Internet Protocol (IP). That’s why we recommend IP cameras over analogue.

How much video storage do you need?

If you plan to record and archive high-quality footage, you’ll need a large amount of storage space. You should also establish where you want to store the footage. Options include the camera’s internal storage drive, a hard drive or a cloud-based platform.

Visible or discreet?

The public and your employees will need to be aware that there is CCTV monitoring in place, but they don’t need to know the whereabouts of every camera. If a more discreet solution is required, we can deliver on that.

How large an area would you like to monitor?

This could influence how many cameras you need. Choosing a camera that covers a larger area can help keep your costs down. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are ideal for covering a larger area.

How important is image quality?

We can discuss how important image quality is for the purpose of your display. Different cameras will offer varying picture detail and quality. You may also want to invest in night vision to ensure sufficient round-the-clock surveillance.

What’s the location?

Environmental factors such as dust, temperature and humidity can all affect the effectiveness of a CCTV camera. That’s why you not only need the right camera for the environment, you also need a knowledgeable installer who can advise on the best placement for your surveillance.

What additional features would you like?

Additional features might include receiving notification alerts. These can report alarm activations or system faults that require attention. These can be sent to selected contacts, meaning a security or safety alert never goes unnoticed.

  • Night vision
  • Smart motion detection
  • Audio integration

Need help choosing the optimal Commercial CCTV Systems for your business? Contact the experts at Remark Group. We can help you choose the right camera solutions and take care of the full installation and integration process.