How To Keep Office Visitors Safe?

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If you manage a large office and are wondering how to keep office visitors safe - particularly as more face-to-face meetings are beginning to take place following the relaxation of COVID-19 rules, we provide technology solutions designed to do just that.

All security concerns begin at the front door. Our range of access control systems give you total control over your premises, even down to specific rooms if you so choose. Learn more about access control options below.

Card and Fob Readers

Card and fob readers remain a popular choice as they’re convenient, easy to use and effective; fobs and cards can be easily reprogrammed and deactivated too, allowing you to keep your building secure at all times.

PIN Code Readers

Alternatively, you can opt for a PIN code reader. This familiar device is easy to update and, provided the PIN is changed regularly, can be just as secure as a fob or card-based system. Perhaps the only real downside to PIN code access systems is that it takes a little longer to gain entry, as each individual has to type in the code as opposed to simply tapping or swiping a fob or card.

Biometric Scanners

The third access option available is biometrics. In recent years, fingerprint scanners have become more mainstream, having been widely adopted by mobile phone manufacturers. It’s a similar story in the workplace - biometrics access is more widespread than ever before. Why? It’s an extremely secure and foolproof method of regulating access, and it’s swift and effortless in operation: all people have to do is touch their finger on a scanner or blink their eye in front of a retina reader to enter the building. If they’re not on the database, they won’t be able to get in.

Temperature Scanners

Finally, we also offer a contact-free method of entry: a camera-based temperature scanner. These devices use facial recognition technology to detect the presence of a person in front of the camera, before measuring their temperature accurately (to within 0.1°C). Though COVID-19 restrictions have now been relaxed, this system is still an invaluable tool in preventing the spread of disease and protecting both your workforce and visitors.

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