Access Control Systems: What Types Are There?

Resource Centre Access Control Access Control Systems: What Types Are There?
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If you’re looking to make your building more secure or monitor employee attendance, Access Control Systems are a great way to achieve this. With many options available, it can be difficult to know which solution to choose for your business. In this quick guide, we’re looking at the top types of Access Control Systems you can purchase for your commercial building, offering helpful points on why you’d choose one over another.

An Access Control System typically includes locked gates, doors or barriers which can be opened using identity authentication methods. This can include RFID access cards, fobs or pin combinations. Below we’re listing the most popular access control products that give your workforce easy access to the building, while giving you control over security parameters.


RFID access cards are one of the easiest forms of access control. They are scanned by a reader, much like a contactless bank card. Once the card is read, the system permits entry to the card owner.

They are simple to issue to staff and contractors, and cards can be made active and inactive at the touch of a button - if one goes missing you can deactivate it instantly. This is much quicker than having to change your locks and get a new set of keys. Access cards can be re-programmed and issued just as easily.

They are an affordable, easy to maintain and a convenient contactless entry method for everyone that visits your premises.


You can issue fobs to employees, contractors and visitors to give them access into your premises. Just like access cards, fobs can be issued and reprogrammed just as easily as they can be made inactive. Some designs can also attach to a lanyard clip, making them easy for your employees to access throughout the day.


With a pin reader, only those with the code have access to the premises. Easily changed, a pin reader can be just as secure as a fob or card reader with regular pin changes. They can be easily installed onto any building. This technology also doubles-up as a card reader, meaning if someone forgets their card, they can still get into the building if they know the code.


Biometric access control and retina readers are one of the most advanced solutions to date. They are also getting increasingly popular as a secure access control system. At the touch of a finger or the blink of an eye you are granted access to the building, or a specific department or room.

Once a fingerprint has been scanned into the system, it can be used much like a card reader, making it an easy way to get in and out of the building.

Contact Remark Group today to find out more about our Access Control Systems and discuss which would work best for your business. Whether you need a coded entry system for a single building or a centrally controlled solution for a business with multiple sites, Remark Group can help tailor an Access Control Solution to meet your specific requirements.