Are Digital Billboards The Same As Digital Signage?

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Digital billboards and signage are not the same thing. In this guide, we’re looking at what the differences are and when you should choose one over the other. Digital screens are a fantastic way to grab the attention of an audience. The key to whether you’ll want to choose a billboard or a sign is who your intended audience is, and where you want to display the screen. First things first, let’s take a look at the definitions of a digital billboard vs digital signage.

What is a digital billboard?

A digital billboard tends to be a large screen placed in a public space. It’s predominantly used for advertising purposes or public announcements. It may also be used for streaming live news coverage. These will often be displayed in larger, open spaces such as bustling city centres or shopping malls. They are similar to poster billboards, with the added benefit of showing moving visual content that grabs the attention of passers-by far more than static image and text.

In fact, LED advertising displays get up to 400% more views than static displays.

What is digital signage?

On the other hand, digital signage is similar to a digital billboard but on a much smaller scale. They tend to be used for marketing in retail shops or in offices for internal communications and updates.

Suitable for smaller spaces, digital signage offers more versatility than a digital billboard. You can create interactive screens and displays for your customers which could include a clickable catalogue or menu, or even a smart shelf.

You could choose to place one sign in a given space, or place several together. These could all show the same or different content depending on your preferences. From helping visitors find their way around your building to showcasing your latest in-store promotions and products, there’s no end to how you can utilise the power of digital signage to engage with customers, clients and employees alike.

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