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Digital displays and signage can provide an interactive experience with a touchscreen display interface.

While not all digital screens are designed to be interactive, it’s helpful to know that this technology exists and when it’s a good idea to swap a static display for an interactive one.

In this guide, we’re covering some great examples of interactive digital displays that your business or organisation could utilise. From streamlining customer interactions to boosting visitor engagement or in-store revenue, interactive digital signs can significantly improve your service or POS contact.

Examples of interactive digital signage

Smart shelves

This is an innovative technology that allows you to connect a physical product to a display. Have a brand new product in store that you know people are going to be intrigued about? A smart shelf can help answer your customers' questions and give them insight into what the product is, how it should be used and its benefits. You can also showcase your visual merchandising. It can be activated when the product is picked up by one of your customers.

Also, by using audio-visual output and animated graphics, information can be consumed at a much faster rate than by speaking to staff or reading small-print text on the packaging.

Patient check-in portals

For essential services such as GP surgeries, you can streamline the check-in process by installing an interactive display near the entrance to your surgery. That way you can reduce the queues at your reception desk and create a more efficient service that works for both your patients and your employees.

Educational displays

If you manage a gallery or museum with lots of educational displays, incorporating some touchscreen boards can make your exhibits more engaging and memorable. They’ll also catch the eye of younger visitors.

Huddle room presentation systems

In the modern work environment, interactive presentation screens enable smarter collaboration. Allowing employees to pool ideas, share their expertise and present visual content such as presentations, documents and video clips are all great ways to keep collaboration thriving and engaging. Wireless presentation systems allow you to quickly share content from any device onto your main meeting room screen.

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There are multiple options when it comes to interactive screens. At Remark Group we can help you find the right solution. Whether you’re looking to incorporate interactive technology for healthcare, corporate, or retail services, speak to us today to find out more.