What Are the Benefits of Transport Industry Digital Signage?

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From helping passengers find their way to providing live updates on arrival and departure times, digital signage has been transforming the transport industry over the past decade. It’s difficult to remember a time when screen displays weren’t used. Used correctly, they can create a stress-free experience for passengers in bustling, noisy transport hubs. In this guide, we’re looking at the benefits of using digital signage in the transport industry, including some overlooked advantages.

Keep passengers informed with real-time timetables

One of the biggest advantages of digital signage for the transport industry is providing real-time updates on timetables. Being able to see live departures and arrivals at train stations, bus stations and airports helps to put passengers at ease. They can view at a glance which platform or gate they need and whether their transport is on time.

If transport is cancelled or delayed, passengers can find out instantly, rather than waiting around and becoming frustrated at the lack of communication. This also means your staff are less likely to become inundated with questions from the public about their journeys.

Other information can also be displayed, including locations of carriages. This is particularly helpful for train passengers as they can stand at the right zone on the platform that corresponds with their reserved seat.

Help passengers find their way

Public transport stations can be daunting - even for the well travelled. Large airports, train stations and bus stations require clear signage to waymark where passengers need to go. You’ll not only help the public catch their transport on time, you’ll also put them at ease. Digitals screens are highly visible, and for larger buildings, an interactive wayfinding map helps customers pinpoint what they’re looking for with ease.

Keep customers informed of travel disruptions and events

Ensuring customers are kept informed of travel disruptions will help reduce complaints and offer clarity that will reduce stress. If there is a bus replacement service at a train station for instance, it’s important that passengers know which part of their journey is affected and where to go to catch the bus. If there is an upcoming event or major planned disruption to travel, advertising in advance can raise awareness and help passengers plan accordingly. They may need to allow more time or choose to travel at a quieter time for instance.

Advertise your services

You can also use digital screens to advertise your services. If you have a new cafe or shop opening at your transport hub, you’re upgrading your transport or you have special ticket offers - advertising these to passengers raises awareness and could give your revenue a boost.

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