How To Effectively Broadcast Messages In Your Workplace

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Digital signage is one of the best ways of effectively broadcasting messages across your workplace or multi-site complex. At the touch of a button, all your digital signage screens can display the same message across your facility. It’s an ideal solution to improve your internal communications.

Types of messages that work effectively as broadcast messages:

  • Company news
  • Reminders
  • Announcements
  • Health and safety alerts

Use cases:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Enhance your business culture
  • Improve health, safety and wellbeing

Whether you want to highlight employee achievements or celebrate company milestones and project completions, the possibilities are endless. By getting a graphic design team to assist with the finished content, you can stay on brand and create visuals that will inspire, engage and inform your employees.

How to effectively utilise broadcast messages with digital signage

Making sure that you choose the right locations for your screens and the right technology to power the content is important. You want to ensure maximum visibility in areas that have high foot traffic. You also want to minimise distraction for employees whilst they’re working. Bright, moving graphics and audio in the direct line of vision of employee desks and workstations could hinder productivity, for instance.

By getting advice from a digital signage installer, you can leverage expertise to help you maximise the effectiveness of your digital signage broadcast messages.

Contact the digital signage experts at Remark Group today. We can build a bespoke solution that works for your business goals. We can book a site visit and get to know your target audience and the types of content that matter to you. That way, we can recommend the ideal solution and install it for you.