Can Adverts Be Used On Digital Signage?

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Absolutely they can: one of the benefits of digital signage is that they can be used to advertise a variety of media, and create eye-catching displays - all in real-time. These flexible systems are commonly used to advertise products and services in reception areas, shops, shopping centres, hospitals, and city streets.

Other potential uses for digital signage include:

  • Displaying digital images
  • Playing videos
  • Streaming media
  • Showcasing web pages
  • Displaying text, including directions
  • Displaying social media feeds.

Our range of signage solutions can be configured to display a combination of content at the same time, too: for example, you could advertise a product on one side of the screen and display a social media feed on the other.

Used in combination with commercial LED and LCD screens, our digital signage solutions will grab the attention of passers by; in fact, LED advertising displays have been found to attract 400% more views than static displays. In the long run, they’re bound to prove a worthwhile investment.

If you’d like to experience all digital signage systems in person, contact us today to book a demonstration at our Peterborough headquarters. We’re easily accessible via the train from London, and many other major cities, and have our entire range of tech available to try out on-site.