Can Digital Signage be Linked to Audio?

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Yes, combining audio with video is a great way to create engaging content.

The visual element of digital signage is crucial, and adding audio helps to create a more unique experience. However, many retail companies don’t use audio due to concerns about creating a noisy environment that could cause distractions and annoy customers.

The right blend of visual and audio for your digital signage is important. It can add an extra element of engagement.

Is adding audio to your digital signage display the right solution?

This will largely depend on the location and purpose. If you have a high-traffic, noisy environment, such as a shopping centre, audio might not work so effectively. You’re more likely to capture a shopper’s attention through visual content.

However, if your brick and mortar shop has a quiet enough environment, audio could enhance the shopping experience for your customers. It could help visually-impaired visitors and walk them through a new product or service on a touchscreen display. Or, it could showcase your latest TV ad, with sound.

Effective ways to use audio in your digital signage solutions

From announcements and promotional ads to music and radio, there are many forms of audio you can use.

Audio and video in digital signage shouldn’t be codependent - rather they should complement one another. In other words, the visual content must not depend on the audio to be understood. Visual should be the predominant media form.

Audio can be an excellent way to reach customers who are not actively looking at the display. For example, you may announce a promotional offer as well as provide a visual.

Creating announcements and ambience with audio

Looking to add background sound to put clients or customers at ease? We wouldn’t recommend using your digital signage. Instead, we recommend soundscapes. If you want to create a pleasant environment with your digital signage, make sure you’re not looping a short sound clip repeatedly for hours on end. This is more likely to annoy and frustrate people than it is to relax them. Waiting rooms are ideal places to incorporate audio-visual technology, but it needs to be well thought out to have the right impact.

Showcasing the latest promotional videos for your business or automating patient announcements in GP surgeries are just two good examples.

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