Can Digital Signage Display Live Information?

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A great advantage of digital signage is its versatility, and one of the many types of content that these systems can display is live information.

This could include a live stream of a video, live updates from a social media feed, live television or a combination of all three. Provided the digital signage system is connected to the internet, you can display any kind of live media on it.

You can even use the technology to showcase a webpage, with interactive options available to allow users to really engage with the information being presented. Potential uses include:

  • Displaying a live video feed, which could include sports events, music performances or any other relevant video stream or television broadcast.
  • Showing off a live social media feed, which can update in real time to inform passers by and employees of the latest company and industry news.
  • Showcasing live stock market prices or any other financial metrics relevant to an organisation’s bottom line - a great way of keeping employees or visitors in the loop.
  • Linking multiple display screens together can create even more of an impact with your media footage.

Digital signage is so versatile that its list of potential uses is practically endless; everything from plain text to high-definition video can be displayed, and multiple elements can be shown on one screen. For example, it’s possible to display a live Twitter feed and a live video stream at the same time.

The best way to experience all that digital signage has to offer is to see it for yourself in person. At Remark Group, we offer demonstrations at our headquarters, which is easy to access from a number of major cities, including Cambridge, Leeds, Birmingham, and London. To schedule a demonstration or to find out more about the technology, please speak to a member of our team.