Can Digital Signs Be Freestanding?

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In a word, yes. A range of freestanding digital sign solutions are available, some of which are even waterproof for outdoor use. There are so many possible ways to utilise digital signage, and the systems can add value to practically any business.

Freestanding digital signs in particular are ideally suited to a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, catering and public transport to name a few. They are excellent advertising platforms, too: an LED display can attract up to 400% more views than a traditional advertising board. And, with the ability to place a freestanding digital sign in a prominent location, it’s no wonder that these systems are becoming an everyday sight.

Interactive freestanding digital signs are also available. Utilised to great effect by the fast food and public transport industries, among others, these devices are responsive, intuitive and - just like those used for advertising - display a clear, vivid picture.

If a freestanding sign is a must for your business, you may also be concerned about the need for an internet connection. Is it essential? Fortunately an internet connection is not a requirement - all you’ll need is an electricity supply.

With no internet connection you will still be able to display images, videos and text on your screen (imported from a mobile storage device like a USB stick), although live content and real-time updates will require an internet connection. Happily, even freestanding digital signs can connect to your company’s network or WiFi, which also makes the process of changing the content being displayed that much simpler.

Whichever options you choose, the team at Remark can provide a handover training session so you can confidently update your digital signs - and if you ever encounter any issues, we’ll be on hand to provide technical support.

To discover all that digital signage has to offer, contact us today to speak to an advisor and find a solution that’s right for you.