Can Digital Signs Be Used Outdoors?

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Provided you have a supply of electricity, a digital sign can be installed in virtually any location - even outdoors. Not every digital sign is suitable for outdoor use, but there are options available that have been specifically designed for just that. Housed in a watertight, dust-blocking outer casing that’s durable yet aesthetically pleasing, outdoor digital signs are just as effective as their indoor counterparts.

They can be installed without an internet connection too, although to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities, access to the web is required.

Outdoor digital signage systems can add value to your business in so many ways. Firstly, they’re ideal advertising platforms, as their super bright LED screens can attract up to 400% more views than a regular printed advertisement. They’re also great for way-finding; if you operate a large complex or facility with outdoor areas, or a venue that’s predominantly outdoor-based, digital signs can show your customers which route to take.

Digital signs can have health and safety benefits, too. Just as they attract the attention of potential customers for advertising purposes, they can attract the attention of employees, offering business owners the perfect opportunity to communicate updates to their health and safety policies.

What about interactivity? Do outdoor touchscreen digital sign systems exist?

They most certainly do, and despite their weather-resistant properties, they’re just as effective and easy to use as those commonly found indoors.

As you can hopefully tell, digital signage systems are extraordinarily versatile. At Remark, we take the time to understand your business’ every need, allowing us to supply and install a tailor-made solution that works for you.

To discover all that digital signage has to offer, contact us today to speak to an advisor and find a solution that’s right for your premises.