Can Digital Signs Display Real-Time Alerts?

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Yes, digital displays are a great way of keeping employees, visitors and customers up to date in real-time. They can be integrated with access control, CCTV cameras and room booking systems to send out instant notifications across your facility.

You can also employ digital display overrides, which can be used to showcase important breaking news or health and safety alerts. It’s a way for your organisation to quickly display content that’s relevant and important.

Keeping employees informed of matters that concern their health, safety and wellbeing should be communicated as efficiently as possible. This could include emergency alerts, weather warnings, local traffic updates or the latest health advice for preventing the spread of diseases or the common cold and flu.

Real-time alerts are particularly useful for sectors such as transport, manufacturing plants, construction sites and health facilities. However, all workplaces can benefit from displaying the latest updates as they happen.

There are endless applications of this type of technology, but we’ve provided a round-up of some of the key use cases.

These can be easily incorporated through data integration software or by using IoT (Internet of Things).

To find out more about displaying digital real-time alerts contact the team at Remark Group today. We provide the best solutions for your business requirements and provide after support services. Our team are installation specialists that source the right hardware for your use case. We’ll explain in simple terms how the process works, the benefits for your business and how we can help you get the most out of your equipment.