Can Digital Signs Transfer Information?

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Digital signage is a great way to transfer information in real time. Whether you need to remind your employees of changes to your office opening hours or update customers on your latest in-store offers, being able to transfer information quickly with little to no hassle is important.

How easy is it to transfer information onto digital signage?

If you’re new to digital signage and are looking at whether it could work for your workplace or business, you’ll want to know how easy it is to transfer information as and when you need to.

The key equipment and resources required for an effective digital signage solution includes the screens, a digital signage player, scheduling and content software and the media files. This can include a wide variety from video, audio, text, graphics and animation - basically, anything you want to display. All of the components need to be connected to work effectively. You can choose who’s in control of the content creation and the content schedule.

If there is pressing information that needs to be shared with your employees or customers, digital signage can make it much easier to pass on that information. In fact, this is a huge benefit to installing digital signage over static displays or brochures that require a reprint every time you need to update something. They are also highly visible, so are less likely to be missed.

It can be difficult to keep track of how important communications are handled. Fortunately, this kind of technology can make information more accessible for everyone in the workplace, making it easier to keep your employees updated and in the loop. This technology is also useful outside of the workplace. Places such as shopping centres, train stations, airports, and estate agents can also benefit from choosing digital displays to inform customers and passengers of updates in real time.

Not sure how to get started?

The team at Remark Group can help you choose and install your digital signage, and as experts in workplace technology, we can talk you through the process - making sure the signage screens are installed and used for optimum effect. With our handover training, you can be confident in how to transfer information quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions once the work is complete, our after sales customer care team is more than happy to help.

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