Can I Install A Digital Screen Within My Window?

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While you can display a digital screen in a window, there are some extra considerations to bear in mind to ensure your LED and LCD display stays in good condition and drives the marketing results you're after. Find out more in our guide.

Benefits of installing digital screens in a window

Digital screens are known to receive 400% more views than static displays. They are a great way to bring creative, engaging and interactive advertising to your in-store marketing tactics. Utilising the power of a digital window display, you should be able to increase brand awareness, footfall and drive up revenue.

Important considerations:

Keep away from the sun

If the window of your premises gets a lot of direct sun exposure during the day, this could impact the lifespan of your screen. Also, if the sun is reflecting off the window, then your screen won’t be as visible to passers by, which would lessen the effectiveness of your marketing.

However, this issue can be very easily remedied. You can apply an anti-reflection film to the outside of the glass. This will reduce glare and reflection while simultaneously cutting down the transmission of light reaching your window display. This will also protect any paintwork, products or decorations from fading in the sun too quickly.

Keep your premises secure

Digital devices of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to getting stolen. To ensure that your business doesn’t fall victim to a break-in, you should make sure that you have all the right security systems in place. From security cameras to burglar alarms, there are plenty of ways you can deter opportunist burglars. You should also make sure your insurance covers the replacement cost of a window display.

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