Can You Schedule Digital Signage Content?

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If you’re thinking of installing digital signage for your workplace or business, chances are you have lots of questions about how you can manage the content. A common question is whether or not it’s possible to schedule digital signage content. Fortunately, the answer is YES.

Whilst not all types of digital content will require scheduling, if you work in marketing or want to prepare some specific content for the office, then it can be helpful to plan in advance and present the content when it will be most effective, or more likely to be viewed by your target audience. It’s also a great way to keep content fresh and up to date.

Scheduling for marketing

Just like with social media feeds or blog posts, all marketing content benefits from being presented at the optimum time. If you’re hoping to present a new product collection in a retail store, for instance, you’ll want to showcase the new collection as soon as it arrives.

Whether you’re a retail store, an arts venue, or an estate agent, you can upload all the content created by your in-house teams and use a master scheduling software to upload and schedule the content. You can manage who has access to this software to ensure it’s handled professionally.

Scheduling for the office

In the office, it’s likely that you will have plenty of internal communications you want to share with your employees. It’s important to be able to send out messages as and when required. Whether you want to celebrate an employee’s work anniversary, or inform colleagues of an upcoming event, or any building work happening around your site, you can schedule all of this content in a timely manner. This leaves you in control and gives you the time you need to create content that’s on-brand and display it at the right time.

Discover digital signage solutions

There are plenty of benefits to being able to schedule your digital signage content. Speak to Remark Group today to discuss your digital signage options. We can provide a handover training session to ensure you know how to use your digital displays effectively. Contact us today to learn more.