Questions to Ask When Choosing Digital Signage Hardware

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Choosing a digital signage solution can be an overwhelming process, especially if this is your first project. For starters, there are so many display options. This is both good and bad. It means you can choose the optimum solution that works for your business needs. However, it also means spending hours researching the possible end products. That’s where getting an expert digital signage installer with AV expertise can really help. They not only have the technical know-how, they also know how to consult on the right solution for your business.

There are no guarantees without sufficient planning. Before consulting the experts or planning your digital signage installation project, there are a few factors you should be clear on. Knowing your business goals, target audience and budget will really help drive the consultancy process.

When you’re ready to contact the experts, these are the top questions you should ask.

Where is the optimum location?

This will entirely depend on the purpose and end goal of your digital signage. Are you looking to increase brand awareness of footfall through advertising? Then you will want your display to have maximum visibility - particularly for your target audience.

This is where having an expert on site can really help. They can look at the available options, considering power supply, practicality and your business goals.

What display should we choose?

If you don’t know all the display options that are available, your business could miss out on digital signage that really works. By choosing a brand and hardware agnostic provider, you can be sure you’re receiving the optimum solution.

How can we connect content to the display?

There are a number of options. A media player device can turn your TV or monitor into a smart, connected device. Alternatively, you can use a smart TV as an all-in-one solution that features the screen, operating systems and computing power all in one. USB sticks can also be used, although a connected digital signage solution that can be updated remotely with the touch of a button is often more practical and efficient.

How can we fix network errors?

Errors can occur and your hardware will also likely need maintenance. It can help to arrange for a maintenance plan or to know how to quickly fix errors as and when they happen.

Some consultants may even be able to recommend software platforms to create content or to showcase data.

Contact the digital signage installation experts at Remark Group today. We provide a fully bespoke solution and our AV and installation experts will ensure your signage is set up to make the optimum impact. We’ll ask all the right questions so we can create a digital signage solution that works for your business needs.