How To Ensure Your Digital Signage Matches Your Business Goals

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Identifying the goal you want to achieve with your digital signage should be one of the first steps you consider. This guide will help you ensure that your choice of digital signage solution is fit for purpose and a good match for your business and marketing goals.

You want to make sure you get the ROI for your purchase. Part of that is choosing a solution that’s in line with your budget, but that will also generate the revenue boost you may be seeking. Not all digital displays will be for the purpose of marketing and advertising. Others will be to improve customer or user experience, maintain hygiene and safety, or even to improve your internal business culture and engagement from employees.

Business goals you might be looking to achieve:

  • Advertising and marketing - promoting events, products, services or in-store promotions.
  • Information dissemination - spread informative information, such as live data feeds, transport timetables and news updates.
  • Internal communications - boost employee engagement and improve hygiene and safety.
  • Improve user or customer experience - interactive portals can be used for more efficient food ordering or check-ins at surgeries and hotels.

How to reach these goals?

Define your audience

Before you create any content or choose your signage, you will need to have a clear target audience in mind. Knowing their challenges, problems, demographics and how you could improve their needs are all good places to start. If you have a marketing team, this will be a familiar part of campaign planning.

However, what your business and head of marketing might not know so much about is the digital signage hardware. These are the physical components. The screen is the display that will showcase your content. Meanwhile the media player will render the content into images and video according to what you’ve created in your content management system.

Consult the digital signage experts

An expert digital signage installation team can advise on all the hardware elements. From helping you to choose the right type of screen and media player to choosing the right location, computer network, internet connection and configuration of your content.

The content you choose to display can only take you so far when it comes to reaching your business goals. Choosing the right hardware is crucial. If your screen has a poor quality display, is located in an area with minimum footfall or has an unreliable connection, then all the time, effort and money you spend on the content creation and the display itself could go to waste.

Discuss your digital signage goals

Having plenty of experience supplying and installing digital signage for a wide range of businesses, choosing the team at Remark will ensure your goals are considered at every stage. We’ll deliver the highest quality solution for your budget and ensure your content is seen by the right people for maximum ROI potential. We can advise on the entire solution and explain how the hardware and related systems work in a way that you and your stakeholders can understand.

Contact the digital signage experts at Remark today to discuss your business goals.