Where to Place Digital Signage On a University Campus

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Universities are often large campuses, with on-site education facilities and accommodation. With so much on offer, how can you best communicate this to your students? Not only do you want to get the attention of prospective students, you’ll also want to make sure that when they enrol, they get the most out of their higher education experience.

Digital signage is an effective way to keep students informed.

If you’re consistently offering new societies, extracurricular activities and lectures, make sure your students know about them.

Where to place digital signage?

Reception areas

Reception areas present an opportunity to get the attention of prospective students, visitors and parents. You can advertise your university, its courses and the unique benefits that your higher education facility has to offer. This is also a good place to highlight the latest campus news, student achievements and upcoming events.

Outside lecture halls

Clearly showing when a room or lecture hall is in use will help students and tutors plan their day. You can also display live timetables.

Inside classrooms

By adding digital signage in the classroom, you can turn it into an educational tool to enhance the learning experience you provide. It can help create a more interactive and collaborative lesson.


Creating digital menu boards will help your students be able to see what’s on offer with ease. It’s a great way to advertise offers and new additions to the menu.


If your campus is large, you’ll want to make sure visitors and students can navigate their way with ease. With an interactive wayfinding map, users can easily identify their current location and how to get to their destination. Whether they’re looking for the library, a lecture hall, the canteen or the nearest toilets, making sure everyone can find their way around is important.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways your university campus can utilise digital signage technology to enhance the experience for all your students and visitors.

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