Profitable Digital Signage Use Cases for Shopping Centres

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If you manage a shopping centre, you may have read about the retail benefits of digital signage. The digital infrastructure for retail environments is constantly evolving to create more profitable opportunities. Want to know how to improve your visual merchandising, customer experience and footfall for your centre? Digital displays may be able to help.

Tenants should notice the difference in foot traffic and sales, and desirable new tenants will see the possibilities as they weigh the benefits of setting up in your building. With the use of analytics, you can also analyse engagements with the digital content, particularly where QR codes or interactive use is enabled.

Personalised shopping experience

Content can be personalised to enhance the customer experience.

Giving shoppers the option to sign-in to a portal enables you to tailor their shopping experience to suit their preferences. For instance, you can make product suggestions based on their preferred brands. You can also give them visibility of any loyalty or membership schemes.

Advertise stores & events

Digital screens are a golden opportunity to advertise new and existing stores as well as any standout events happening across your site. Later opening hours, celebrity visits and seasonal shopping periods, such as Black Friday or Christmas can all be advertised, with increased levels of visibility.

Ease of navigation and experience

You should make your venue as easy to navigate as possible. If your shopping centre is particularly large, providing an interactive wayfinding map could help users find their way more easily. From locating their favourite store to accessing the nearest restaurant or toilets, signposting can make your building a more user-friendly environment.

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