How Can Digital Signs Be Used For Exhibitions?

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Whether you’re hosting an exhibition in an established museum or in a pop-up venue, you need to find creative ways to get visitors through the door. Digital signs are one tool you can use to your advantage to not only raise awareness of your exhibition, but to also actively encourage people to visit.

If your exhibition is happening in a busy venue where there are lots of other attractions competing for people’s attention you need a way to stand out. Digital displays are one way to do this.

Using bright advertising screens with moving graphics is far more effective at catching people’s attention than a static poster. But how can digital signs be used most effectively? And are there other ways you can use digital displays to enhance the exhibition experience you’re providing? Read on to find out.

Provide visitors with more background information

In many galleries and historical exhibitions the traditional way to relay information was to present printed words on boards. However, with digital signage you can easily display a more varied and entertaining backstory to the pieces featured in your exhibition by including text, moving graphics and video content. It will also be quicker for you to make changes to the content, making your displays easier to manage.

Offer interactive elements

Especially if you’re hosting a family-friendly exhibition, adding interactive touch-screen displays will help make your display more immersive and engaging for children and adults alike. It will also help you stand out from the crowd. This can also include teaming your digital signage with motion-activated speakers to add sound and create a more sensory experience.


If there’s a specific route you’d like visitors to take around the exhibition, you can install digital signs as clear indicators of where people should go next.

This is not an exhaustive list of the ways you can use digital signs for exhibitions. With a little imagination and the right technology at your disposal, you can create engaging displays that get your exhibition noticed and result in positive reviews from visitors.

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