Do Digital Displays Cost Money To Maintain?

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Before deciding to invest in digital signage screens, you may wonder whether they cost anything to maintain. Whether you’re a business office, a cultural venue or a public organisation, we’re exploring how digital signage could help you save money over traditional print marketing.

Are there any maintenance costs?

Yes, digital signs can cost to maintain. As with any electronic equipment, you may need to get them serviced every once in a while - this could cover software updates, and PAT testing to the digital signage screens. However, if you compare the minimal maintenance costs with the cost of regularly producing static marketing materials, such as printing posters, you should make savings over time.

Also, the stats suggest that the ROI for digital signs is much higher than for static posters. This is because they’re more visible, and you can showcase more than one display with a reel of content.

If you publish lots of posters or print adverts with a spelling mistake or outdated information, the cost and time to rectify this issue with already-printed materials will be far greater than with any digital-based content you produce. Utilising digital displays, you can update content instantly at the touch of a button, with no extra expense.

How can you save on maintenance costs?

You can save on maintenance costs by taking care of your screens. Regularly cleaning them of dust, and ensuring they’re not over-exposed to UV light or heat, are some simple ways you can prolong the life of your digital displays. With the right care and attention, and by choosing the right LCD screens for your intended usage, they should be a great tool for your business and last long enough to produce a decent return on investment.

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