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When planning your digital signage solution, there will be plenty of things to consider. This guide will help you see at a glance the core hardware components that you will need. You can purchase these from separate retailers, but it can make sense to get a tailored solution from a single company. If you have minimal or no experience with delivering digital signage, having expert advice at each stage of the planning process could be vital. There are many areas that, without the right expertise, could mean your visuals don’t produce the business results you are aiming for.

There are digital signage experts that will not only supply the right hardware, but also align your end solution with your business goals. Considering your target audience, the venue and purpose of the content, they can produce an effective solution with an aim to generate a good ROI.


There are several screen options available, including TVs, monitors and projection walls. If you’re choosing a screen, you will have to choose between an LCD or LED display. Size will also matter. If you’re displaying content in a large facility, it will need to be large enough to get noticed. The options don’t stop there. You can choose between landscape and portrait orientation as well as multi-screen solutions.

Media Player

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a media player for your digital signage. This will showcase your content on your chosen display. The type of content you’re looking to display and whether you’re creating it in-house or externally will impact your choice of media player brand. This is due in large part to compatibility.

Reliable Internet Connection or Source

The internet connection will be vital if you’re looking to connect your content to the media player from a content management system. Wi-Fi, cellular or Ethernet connections are the three most popular options. There are pros and cons for each connection type and the right choice will depend on the scale of your digital signage.

Power Connections

You will need a power connection for your media player and screen.

Wall Mounts

If you’re looking to display your digital signage solution on a wall, you will also need secure mounts to keep the screen firmly in place. A digital signage installer can provide this as part of a turnkey package.

Need help choosing and planning your digital signage?

Without each element being perfectly selected and in-sync, your solution won’t work as well as you would like. There are also certain elements that should be decided upon before others to ensure full compatibility.

It’s worth consulting with the experts as they can remove a lot of the guesswork and research, whilst also helping you to obtain the best results for your budget. You won’t need to worry about the logistics or requirements of the hardware, and instead, can put all your time and energy into managing other areas of your business and marketing operations.

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