How to Create a Digital Bulletin Board

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Digital bulletin boards allow you to easily publish and showcase your business updates on a screen display. Instead of manually adding posters and notes to a pinboard, digital message boards offer a tidy and hassle-free way of updating customers, students, patients, clients, visitors and employees. With a digital display, your messages won’t get lost amidst an abundance of print notices. Instead, you can create clear and impactful bulletins that get noticed.

In this guide, we’re looking at the more technical aspects of creating a TV message board, offering a step-by-step process.

Choose your screen

Your digital bulletin board will be like a TV screen, but used exclusively for commercial bulletins and messages. If you’re a small business, such as a boutique hotel or restaurant, you may only require a single screen. However, let’s say you manage a multi-complex site with larger indoor spaces. A university is a good example. You may want to add multiple bulletin screens together or across the site. The experts at Remark can help you decide on the best place for your screens to make the most impact.

Get creative with content

In order to have full flexibility and control over your content, you will need to select a content management system or outsource your content creation. The added benefit of digital displays is that you can add animation and audio for more of an impact, as well as using the fonts and graphics that work for your brand or organisation.
You may just want to keep your notices simple. With Google Slides or similar apps, you can easily create virtual bulletins for your screen.

Connect your screen to your wifi

The next step is to connect your digital message board to a secure internet connection. This will allow you to display content directly from your chosen virtual content system onto the screen.

Find a digital bulletin board installer near you

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