How Digital Signage Can Boost Company Branding

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If you’re a start-up business or have recently gone through a complete rebranding process, you’ll want to know how to build brand recognition. Brand awareness is all about establishing trust and becoming a known authority in your industry. But how can Digital Signage help with this?

With the right platform by your side you can get your brand noticed. Display the right logo and marketing materials on Digital Signage and you can catch the eye of more visitors.

Digital displays get noticed (and remembered)

Whether the aim is to increase footfall or get more people knowing that your brand exists and what you have to offer, Digital Signage is noticeable. Some statistics suggest that it is up to 400% more visible than a static poster.

Research suggests that the recall rate of digitally delivered information can also be as high as 83%.

It’s easy to stay on brand

Matching content with digital is a lot easier than with print.

For instance, creating colours to the exact Pantone specifications can be a challenge with print. Also, static posters can quickly lose their brightness and colour if exposed to sunlight.

However, with digital, it’s easier to stay on brand. The only thing you have to decide is how bright you want the screen, your placement, and to ensure the content is a good match for the configuration.

It’s flexible and diverse

Digital Signage supports a wide range of media forms, including interactive touchscreen elements. From graphics to video and audio, there is plenty of room for creativity. This allows you to represent your brand in exactly the way you want to.

Company branding can go through several evolutions, even in a single generation. If you go through a major rebrand, you can easily start sharing your new look with visitors. Digital Signage allows you to keep up with seasonal trends, industry updates and company rebrands. It’s a cost effective and time-saving way to develop your brand awareness

Also, instead of ordering an expensive reprint of your advertising and marketing, if you notice a mistake, you can change your designs with the click of a few buttons.

How does Digital Signage help to build brand recognition?

Digital Signage can be placed in a wide variety of locations. From busy shopping centres and high streets, to transport hubs and event centres. That means your brand and what it has to offer can be seen by plenty of people.

By placing your Digital Signage in the optimum location, you can inform visitors of your latest offers, or new products, services and attractions. It’s the ideal way to get noticed and encourage impulse purchases.

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