How Digital Signage Can Improve Estate Agents

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If you’re an estate or letting agent looking to boost awareness of your properties, one marketing tool you may want to learn more about is digital signage. In this brief guide, we’re looking at how digital signage can improve your service, and get more home buyers checking out your properties.

Window shopping

Just had a fantastic new property to market? Had a recent price drop on a property in a desirable location? You can show all this on your digital signage display. Instead of just one static image that takes lots of time to create and print, you can showcase a carefully curated slideshow of some of the best properties you have to offer.

If you’re situated on a street where plenty of people walk past your window, you could benefit from digital signage. It’s a quick way to generate an engaging video display that will be more eye-catching than your traditional static picture displays. You could even keep your display on at night time, allowing people wandering past to view your latest property offerings.

Speed up the enquiries

The speed at which you can start displaying your properties should help you secure more enquiries sooner, and improve your ROI. Updating your window displays will also be a much quicker and smoother process. You can also use your digital signage to display other information, such as updates to your opening hours.

Save on marketing costs

Digital signage can be considered an investment. Whilst you’ll have the upfront hardware and installation expense, over time you should be able to save time and money by producing less brochures and other paper-based marketing materials.

So, if your next big business goal is to increase the numbers of property enquiries, digital signage should help you reach that target.

Speak to the digital signage experts at Remark Group today. We can answer all your questions and help you choose the right setup for your estate agent.