How Digital Signage can Improve Wayfinding

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If you manage a large building, helping people find their way will be important. From large offices to shopping centres, digital signage is an effective wayfinding solution. In this article, we’re showing how digital wayfinding is an effective way to get all your visitors from A to B.

How do digital signs improve navigation?

Digital signage is more visible than a static display

By positioning screens in a transitionway, you can clearly guide visitors. They may realise they’ve taken a wrong turn and head back the other way. Or, they may have several routes in front of them and need to make the right decision on where to head next. It’s all about funnelling your visitors to their intended destination with minimal fuss or frustration.

You can even install interactive mapping solutions. This gives visitors more control by using a touchscreen display to receive directions specific to their needs. They can even be downloaded via an app, so visitors can stay on the right track.

Minimise frustration

If someone is visiting a sick relative in hospital, the last thing they’ll want to see is a labyrinth of corridors that are not well signposted. Making their visit as stress-free as possible is important to provide a positive customer experience. By clearly marking the directions, visitors should take to reach specific wards or departments, so you can help put people at ease. You also don’t want patients turning up late to appointments because they can’t find their way.

Likewise, if your shopping centre isn’t well waymarked, shoppers will be put off. Not being able to quickly locate specific shops or facilities may even cause some customers to abandon their shop altogether. This means you’re losing out on potential revenue.

It’s all about taking out the guesswork. Your visitors should be able to know at a glance whether they’re on the right track.

Make essential facilities easier to find

Being able to easily navigate your building will also make it safer, particularly for new visitors. Toilets, lifts, information centres, first aid rooms and exits should all be easy to locate. With digital signs, you can mount them on the wall or suspend them from the ceiling for increased visibility.

Quickly update visitors

Compared with a static board, digital displays will be much quicker to update. If a key part of your building has been relocated or closed, you can keep visitors informed of the latest changes without delay.

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