How Can Digital Signage Optimise Your Visual Merchandising?

Resource Centre Digital Displays How Can Digital Signage Optimise Your Visual Merchandising?
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If used in the right way, digital signage can create a positive experience for your customers and generate the business results you're looking for in your retail or hospitality outlets.

How do digital displays help with the buying process?

Grab the attention of passers by

With digital signage you can catch the interest of passers by - people who may not have deliberately been heading for your store or eatery.

Motion and brighter visuals enhance the chance of your visual merchandise being viewed and read. It also boosts the likelihood of an action being taken, whether that’s visiting your store or making a purchase.

Help customers visualise products and make decisions

A study from 2018 even showed that businesses can see an 800% sales boost. By showcasing products, you can help customers not only visualise what’s available, but it can also help them make buying decisions.

For instance, if you run a fast-food restaurant and you have 10 milkshake flavours to choose from, customers may struggle to make a decision. But, if you showcase a flavour of the day or a special offer on a digital screen, this could help them make a choice more quickly.

Easily change your content

With static merchandising, the messaging can become outdated the moment it’s mounted in your store. With digital signage, you can eliminate the arduous process of designing, printing, shipping and installing print-based marketing materials.

With digital displays, you can change-up your messaging and visuals at the touch of a button. Want to push a new collection or menu, or offer customers a flash sale? You can with speed and ease. Some processes can even be automated when integrated with the right data.

Digital signage allows for more A/B testing to help you determine what works and what doesn’t. It also offers more flexibility. Enhanced creativity, flexibility and the ability to produce better content for less means you can gain better results from using digital merchandising.

How can Remark Group help?

As digital display installation experts, we can help you choose the right solution for your retail business. We can assist with your digital transformation with a fully bespoke approach that captures your unique business aesthetic. Get in touch today to get started.