How Do You Manage Commercial Digital Signage?

Resource Centre Digital Displays How Do You Manage Commercial Digital Signage?
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Thinking of getting multiple digital signage screens installed at your commercial site? Aside from choosing the right solutions from a marketing or use case perspective, you’ll also want to know the most effective way to manage the content and hardware.

Below are some key considerations that make managing your commercial digital signage that much easier.

One central management system

Being able to manage all your content from one management system ensures you can create, upload and schedule content with ease. You can even choose an automated software that makes displaying content easier.

If you require multiple screens across your building or site, a USB stick can be a time-consuming way to update content. Instead, we recommend using one central management system that links up to your wifi to display the right content at the right time.


If you’re hoping to schedule your content to showcase and update your content at the optimum times, the good news is that you can. Just like social media content, you can also schedule all your digital signage audio-visual content.

Automated content

With some digital signs, you can pull in data from other sources. This automates the content process and is particularly useful for facilities that need to display rapidly changing information, such as transport and fast food restaurants. The API updates the content for you, so you have one setup process to benefit from real time, relevant content that informs, helps and entices customers.

Maintenance checks

All electrical hardware needs routine maintenance and checks. Remark Group can ensure your signage works at its optimum consistently with an optional maintenance package.

Contact the experts at Remark Group today. We take the time to get to know your business and ensure you’re choosing the right digital signage solutions for your requirements. We can also advise on the software, ensuring that you make the best choice for your business.